Champion AC MAXI-RENT package

Champion AC MAXI-RENT package

Champion AC MAXI-RENT package


  • Full operational car rental for the duration, and with the total number of kilometers traveled, according to your wishes and needs, and according to each individual user and the concluded contract.
  • Complete casco and compulsory insurance of the vehicle during the lease period, without any damage participation.
  • Seasonal replacement of winter and summer tires sets, of respectable manufacturers (1 set = 4 tires) during the rental period / per vehicle.
  • In accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer, regular and high quality servicing and maintenance of vehicles, which are always in the maximum correct and operational condition, and performing all tasks (receiving, monitoring, handing over) in this regard.
  • Costs of vehicle registration, technical inspections, taxes and other charges for motor vehicles, as well as obtaining other necessary documents for unobstructed and regulated laws, vehicle management, both in BiH and outside.

BENEFITS of using Champion AC MAXI-RENT package ?

  • Without risk, the cost of ownership and the financial participation of the beneficiaries when contracting the purchase of a vehicle, which is favorably reflected on the client's balance sheet, as well as on the craft / investment capital that, in this way, remains in his possession, which enables more efficient planning of operating expenses, the user still receives, for full use, new vehicles, preferred brands, models and from the desired production program.
  • Without worrying, communication and paperwork about the acquisition, registration, equipping and taking over of the vehicle.
  • The cost of operating rent is included in the expense of the business of the beneficiary, thus obtaining the right to refund / deduction of the input VAT.
  • Payment of all included services and options through a single, comprehensive, fixed monthly invoice, which enables simple cost control and reduces the costs of banking fees and other administrative services.
  • right to a replacement vehicle.
  • ALL IN ONE PLACE is a complete post-sale service and support, as well as continuous professional and technical assistance in exercising the rights of any kind in order to successfully implement the contract as a whole, which eliminates the need for additional, individual services and contacts .
  • Without worrying about drop in vehicle values, sales or possible damage / failure / similar to the vehicle.
  • Continuous and complete operation of the beneficiaries in the performance of their activities, without delays in fulfilling their obligations towards their customers and the like.
  • Possible option of ultimate purchase of vehicles at affordable and privileged prices.
  • The right for special discounts and pricelist for additional business and / or private transport services of any kind, short-term and / or similar vehicle leases from the current composition of our fleet.
  • The right to special discounts and the price list of our experienced and qualified drivers and staff, with active knowledge of foreign languages.
  • Assistance in obtaining adequate discounts and additional benefits for the user, with our current suppliers of associated services and needs (for example, washing vehicle, fuel, etc.).
  • Support to the user in the event of a malfunction of a vehicle, accident, accident and the like (replacement of the vehicle on the spot, and / or providing transport of the client to the final destination, and / or taking care of the removal of damages, and / or similar).

For more information and details of any kind, and relating to the Champion AC MAXI-RENT service package, please contact us directly. We are at your disposal for 24 hours a day.

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